Episode 1: Sheep are IN: The Chicks with Sticks Series by Elizabeth Lenhard

Our very first episode! Carey and Marie, your hosts, jump feet first into a magical Chicago full of friendship, yarn, serendipity and queer subtext.   How much did we all love knitting? Is Chicago just that magical? And what are the parents of the Chicks with Sticks getting up to during the Sacred Sisterhood Sleepovers? All this and more in Episode 1.

The Chicks with Sticks books are *sob sob* out of print, but you can check your local used bookstore or favorite used book website for copies--we love Better World Books!

Content Warnings: Bella is the "exotic friend" a la Claudia Kishi, workaday girl-against-girl mysogyny/slut shaming, death of a family member and the grieving process (before events of first book)

Show Notes:

Elizabeth Lenhard's website

Her latest work, Our Song --a romance about folk music camp and blacksmithing! -- can be found at Goodreads, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound and your local bookseller

Tour the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago online

Trixie's Attic IRL? It's Hollywood Mirror in Boystown!

Hot Chocolate Chicago

A RL Purlicue: Knit 1 Chicago

A RL Stockinette: Nina

Fiber Artists:

Hirst, Don’t It?: Revealing the Invisible Labor of Female Fiber Artists in Twentieth Century Art

The Great Divide: A Survey of Women in Art and Craft

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Name checked in the book: Knitting without Tears by E. Zimmerman, Stitch n'Bitch by Debbie Stoller



To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

The Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace

Current Reads:

Knit One, Girl Two by Shira Glassman

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

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